Jaye Niemi Desert...

Jaye Niemi Desert...


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Mandarin + Cactus Flower

"...an awakening of the senses....."

Be surrounded by the release of fragrance as Mandarin leaves and Bulgarian rose petals crush silently underfoot as you step carefully past the towering cactus, its flowers blossoming open in their nightly ritual. Lavish silken drapes of a tented oasis drift apart and a hint of sandalwood escapes, beckoning you.

Our Spring Collection range is a celebration of gorgeous garden blooms and fine fragrance, created with a love of all things that blossom and our customary proprietary blends of essential oils .

CONTAINS ESSENTIAL OILS OF: mandarin, Bulgarian rose, cactus flower, orange blossom, sandalwood.

128 mL square-cut Italian glass bottle with silver metal spray pump cap and lid