Jaye Niemi Honeysuckle...

Jaye Niemi Honeysuckle...


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Pink Honeysuckle + Toffee

"... indulgent, intoxicating, intense...transport yourself to paradise..."

A gorgeous, indulgent fragrance that transports you to a sultry afternoon in a rich garden where the heat drips languidly off pink honeysuckle, a shimmer of hummingbirds growing drunk on their sweet nectar. Slowly, you descend lazily into a contented and warm happy place, while the scent of intoxicating patchouli flowers, violet and toffee liqueur surround you.

Our Spring Collection range is a celebration of gorgeous garden blooms and fine fragrance, created with a love of all things that blossom and our customary proprietary blends of essential oils .

CONTAINS ESSENTIAL OILS OF: pink honeysuckle, violet, patchouli flower, amber.

350mL glass flacon, reeds from renewable timbers and fibres