Jaye Niemi Jasmine...

Jaye Niemi Jasmine...


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Jasmine + Ambrette

"...sensuously rich, narcotic, sweet and warm....."

This heavenly fragrance evokes memories of summery evenings and gentle breezes, lifting the spirits and relaxing the body. The heady scent of jasmine with the intoxicating musky tones of ambrette is lifted with the richness of hothouse orchids and the tangy notes of citrus and myrtle bark.

Our Spring Collection range is a celebration of gorgeous garden blooms and fine fragrance, created with a love of all things that blossom and our customary proprietary blends of essential oils.

CONTAINS ESSENTIAL OILS OF: Brazilian grapefruit, hyacinth, jasmine, orchid, ambrette seeds, myrtle bark

350mL glass flacon, reeds from renewable timbers and fibres