Jaye Niemi Pomegranate...

Jaye Niemi Pomegranate...


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Grenadine + Cedarwood
The butterflys wings caught on the warm updraft of sunbeams dancing in the Orangerie, gliding on a bittersweet current of grenadine before alighting on a rose branch to inhale. A courting couple entwined their fingers and watched its gentle drift. Time stood still.
CONTAINS ESSENTIAL OILS OF: lemon, tagetes, cedarwood, boi de rose.
Combine our tealights with our range of delicious melts or world famous aromatic oils in the same fragrance, or mix and match for fragrance layering. All of our fragrances combine wonderfully.
Our 100% botanical wax & essential oil fragrance are hand poured into the highest grade heat resistant tealight cups. Transparent so you can enjoy the creamy wax as they burn and release their fragrance. Each beautiful box contains 6 x tealights.


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